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At Gold Coast Health & Chiropractic Group, we understand the unique challenges and constraints that our patients might face, which is why we proudly introduce our Mobile Chiropractic services. Going beyond the walls of our clinic, we offer mobile visits, bringing our skilled Practitioner directly to your doorstep—be it your home or office. This specialised service is designed not only for those who might be immobilized due to pain or injury but also for those who may be without transportation. We believe in providing exceptional chiropractic care, no matter where you are.

For those residing in the heart of the Gold Coast, we have exciting news! Our Mobile Chiropractic services extend beyond Southport to to the Gold Coast region and its surrounding areas. This means that the residents of Southport and neighboring communities can now enjoy the convenience of top-notch chiropractic care right in the comfort of their homes or offices. We’re committed to expanding our reach and ensuring that every corner of the Gold Coast experiences the unparalleled service we offer.

BENEFITS of our Mobile Chiropractic Service

Tailored Accessibility: Our mobile services are specifically designed for those who find it challenging to visit our clinic, ensuring that everyone has access to quality chiropractic care.

Comfort of Home: For patients with mobility issues, chronic pain, or other conditions, the familiar and comforting environment of their home can enhance the treatment experience.

Safety First: Especially for those with health concerns or compromised immune systems, receiving care at home eliminates potential exposure to public spaces, ensuring a safe treatment environment.

Flexible Scheduling: We understand the complexities of managing health challenges. Our service allows for flexible scheduling that might not be feasible with in-clinic visits.

Consistent Care: Physical limitations or lack of transportation can disrupt regular treatment schedules. With our mobile service, patients can maintain consistent care, leading to better long-term outcomes.

Holistic Insight: Treating patients in their daily environment can offer practitioners unique insights into possible contributing factors to their issues, leading to more comprehensive care.

Reduced Stress: The mere act of traveling can exacerbate certain conditions. Our service eliminates the stress and discomfort of commuting, allowing patients to focus solely on their recovery.

Empowering Independence: For many, relying on others for transportation can be disheartening. Mobile chiropractic services restore a sense of independence and control over one’s health journey.


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