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  • A Chiropractic adjustment is the application of a specific force in accurate direction on a specific joint that is out o...

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  • Dry needling is used to relieve muscle tightness and muscle spasm. This in turn helps to relieve tension and stress in t...

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  • The physiotherapists at our clinic have years of clinical experience. They have to abide to stringent guidelines that en...

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  • We started using cold laser at our Southport clinic 8 years ago. We needed something at our clinic that was more than ju...

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Gold Coast Health & Chiropractic Group is a multi-modality clinic that specialises in affordable, achievable, and dynamic health care. We believe each individual has the inbuilt ability to be healthy and well. Our aim is to not only reduce pain and dysfunction present but also to prevent recurrence and chronic ill health.

We achieve this by using a combination of treatment modalities specific to you particular condition. We actively involving you in your own treatment and management of your condition. We strongly feel educating patients on how to repair, rebuild and retrain is an essential part of any treatment and management plan.

Our Chiropractor

  • Dr Andrew Rashleigh
    Dr Andrew Rashleigh

    Andrew studied at Sydney's’ Macquarie University for 5 years where he completed degrees in Bachelor of Chiropractic and Masters of Chiropractic. Since graduating Andrew has gone on to do extensive studies in Dry Needling and Cold Laser Therapies. These techniques have been proven to enhance injury recovery and reduce traditional healing times. Andrew grew up in a country town where he completed his carpentry apprenticeship upon leaving school. I loved building and still do.