A Chiropractic adjustment is the application of a specific force in accurate direction on a specific joint that is out of alignment or not moving properly. A restricted spine can be a major cause of stiffness, pain and swelling.

Adjustments help to unload the excessive stresses on the body caused either by an injury, or just the stresses of day to day living. Correct alignment of your spine is vital in helping Joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves to regain their normal function and therefore relieve pain and irritation. REMEMBER – “It can’t function as it should, if it is not as it should be”.

Extensive studies have found Chiropractic treatment is remarkably safe – especially when compared to the adverse effects of taking pain killers!!! There are many different techniques and styles used by practitioners to adjust the spine. Over years of training your chiropractor has mastered a variety of techniques and will use the ones most suitable for your age, size and specific problem.

After chiropractic treatment, many patients report a sense of increased alertness and wellbeing – not just improvement with the problem that made them turn to chiropractic in the first place.