Throughout our lives, most of us at some time or another have played sports… either competitively or socially.

We are also realising more and more the importance and benefits of regular exercise in our pursuit to live healthier happier lives. At GCHCG we specialise in various Dry Needling and Muscle release Techniques. This is especially useful in reducing recovery time from injury for athletes. Basically, getting better faster!

Physiotherapy treatment in the management and prevention of sporting injuries has come to the forefront in the past few decades. Sportsmen, sportswomen and other health professionals are appreciating the results that can be achieved through professional care. Our physiotherapists focus largely on the actions and movement patterns of our bodies.

REMEMBER… “It can’t function as it should if it is not as it should be”


  • favicon Increased Flexibility
  • favicon Decreased “loading” or Stress on Your Body
  • favicon Injury Prevention
  • favicon Maintain Muscle Tone & Strength


  • favicon Chronic and Acute Muscle Conditions
  • favicon Achilles Tendonitis
  • favicon Knee Conditions
  • favicon Tennis Elbow
  • favicon Golfers Elbow
  • favicon Shoulder Injuries and Rehabilitation
  • favicon Patellar Tracking Problems

The physiotherapists at our clinic have years of clinical experience. They have to abide by stringent guidelines that ensure they keep up with the latest techniques and technologies to assist you in achieving your desired health outcome…quicker.

We will conduct a thorough physical, neurological and orthopedic examination to help identify any compensations or other problems that may be a result of your initial condition. Areas of weakness will be identified and cold laser will then be used to reduce the scar tissue and start cell repair and regeneration in the affected area. This used alongside conventional Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatments will get you on the road to your goals much quicker.

The number of treatment required is largely dependent on the severity of the injury and how long the injury has been present. A general rule of thumb is the longer the injury has been present, the longer it will take to heal. Give our receptionist a call and let her start you on your road to recovery.